Tips & Guide: Australian Visa for Filipino Tourist


Dream of visiting the sixth largest country in the world? What to see the actual Tasmanian Devil, make famous by the Looney Tunes? Do you wanna experience the largest coral reef in the world? Well you have to explore the lush beauty, amazing cities, rich heritage and culture of the largest country in the southern sea of Oceania, the beautiful Australia.

credits to https://www.schoolgetaways.com.au/directory/miami-hotel-melbourne/

Before you pack your luggage and run through your airport, make sure to settle first your Australian Visa and If you don’t know how or if your looking for tips and guide. Well you came to the right blog my friend! let me share you how I get my Australian Visa.

This blog will consist of the following:

  1. Australian Visa List
  2. Visit / Tourist Visa (Tourist Stream)
  3. What you need to do?
  4. Visa Requirements for Tourist Stream
  5. Most asked questions

Australian Visa List

Don’t rush things and submit your application immediately, you have to know what visa will suit you. Australia offer different visa depending on your plans on their country.

  1. Visit / Tourist Visa
  2. Study and Training Visa
  3. Family and Partner Visa
  4. Working and Skilled Visa
  5. Refugee and Humanitarian Visa
  6. Repealed Visa
  7. Other Visa

We will be focusing on the Visitor Visa but if you want to know more about the other visa, visit their site or click this link: Visa Finder

Visit / Tourist Visa (Tourist Stream)

This visa is basically for your visit on Holidays, Personal Tour, Unpaid Business Trip and visiting relatives and friends for a vacation. I personally took this visa as I want to explore the tourist destinations and culture of Australia and to visit friends as well.

Just before we start, a disclaimer, I’m creating this blog on first time I applied for Australian Visa and got APPROVED. I’m no expert of anything but I’m sharing what I did when I applied for it. So I’m won’t keep you waiting, lets proceed with the what you need to do.

What you need to do?

  1. Make an account – yes your right, you have to create an IMMI account as this will be your gateway in submitting your application to their embassy. click the link my friend : IMMIaus blog
  2. Then click New Application to start your journey
  3. Choose the visa type you desire or that will suit you. in this vlog we will choose “Visitor” then click “Visitor Visa (600) for Tourist Stream.
  4. Once done you are ready to start your Online Application Form. Just answer all questions honestly and make sure that all statement you will provide can be supported by the documents you are going to attached.
  5. Complete all the requirements and all supporting document that you will be needing by attaching it in the attachment section after completing the online form.62438619_331389667478505_1772599351713988608_n.png
  6. Submit all requirements and complete the online application form consist of many questions about yourself, family, health, travel experience and more.
  7. Pay 140 AUD for the Visa Fee
  8. Wait for 20 to 28 days processing time – for some lucky people they get their visa for like 24 hours but some took like 1 month. For me, it took them 11 days to grant my visa. whhoooooh hoooooh!!

Visa Requirements for Tourist Stream

  1. Photograph – Passport
    • Passport size photo in .jpg format – 45mmx35mm and should be from head to shoulder with clear background.
  2. Travel Documents
    • Passport Information Page – This must be clearly scanned
    • Australian Visit Cover Letter – Many said this is not required but since Australian Visa Application is via online and no interviews or visit is being done, it might help for them to understand why are you visiting Australia. I included mine in my application and I make sure my intention are stated clearly and that I’m going to their country just to visit a friend and see the beauty of it. You may view my Australian-Visa-Cover-Letter .
  3. Evidence of applicant’s previous travel
    • Applicant’s copy of passport pages with entry/exit stamps.
    • Copy of previous approved visa from Australia or other countries
  4. Evidence of financial status and funding for visit. All or Any of the following. I submitted items 1 to 3 Only.
    1. Personal Bank Statement & Certificate
    2. ITR or Tax Document
    3. Payslip
    4. Retirement Fund
    5. Proof of billing
    6. Title Deed
  5. Family Evidence and Composition forms (if applicable). All or Any, I only submitted PSA Birth Certificate.
    1. PSA Birth Certificate
    2. Form 54 (Family Composition)
    3. Marriage Certificate. If your current last name is different from your last name in your birth certificate.
  6. Invitation from family, friends or organization
    1. Invitation Letter – This is only required if you are visiting a friend who will be catering your accommodation and other expenses. You may need to attach below documents as well. I will visit my friends in Melbourne and Sydney, so I attached two invitation letter and both of my friends provide below details. Check this sample Invitation-letter-template.
      1. Bank Statement of the person / organization that invites you.
      2. Payslip of the person / organization that invites you.
      3. Personal IDs of the person that invites you
      4. Copy of their Visa
  7. Evidence of tourist activities in Australia
    1. Itinerary / List of activities
    2. Return Ticket (PH-AUS : AUS-PH) – This is not required but since I already have ticket I uploaded it here.
  8. Evidence of Employment
    1. Certificate of Employment
    2. Approved Leaves – This can be a screenshot of your approval in the email
    3. Company ID
  9. Complete Online Application Form
  10. Visa Fee 140 AUD

Most asked Questions

  • How much is the show money?
    • No one knows how much money you really need for the visa show money but for every travel and visa application I make sure my bank account is well funded and with stable earnings by this way you can assure them that you have a stable and permanent income. Also to make sure, I always alot 7k to 10k budget per day, so if I will be staying for 5 days I assured that I have more than 50k pocket money in my account.
  • Can we apply by group?
    • Yes, you can apply for group or family visa, if this will be done. even one IMMI account will do and he will process all that is needed.
  • Do I have to submit Form 54 for Family composition?
    • The attachment might be names Family Evidence and Composition forms but it doesn’t require to submit all mentioned documents. In my case, I only submitted by Birth Certificate.
  • Can I apply for multiple entry visa?
    • Yes, in the form you can clearly state that you are applying for multiple entries but make sure you can justify why it is needed and you can support this request in documents
  • Is it possible to get multiple entry visa even if you only applied for single entry?
    • Yes, I applied for single entry and got multiple entry visa for my first application, No one knows how they check it.
  • How long is processing time once you submitted your application?
    • for Tourist Stream (visitor visa 600) it is 20 to 28 days.
  • When to apply visa?
    • As recommended, you need to apply more than 1 month or at least 2 months before your target date.
  • Do I need to have plane ticket before applying visa?
    • No, this is not required and recommended but in my case, I got my airfares from promo / sales so I always have advance tickets. Also I included my plane ticket as supporting document on my travel proof.


TIP#1: If possible attached all documents mention in the site as your supporting document – this will strengthen your application specially on financial funding.

TIP#2: In creating list of activity / itinerary make sure to be realistic and if possible only includes the cheap location / free of admission. It will help them see if your budget is enough for the tour.

TIP#3: If your invited by a friend / family it will be best if you have a picture with them to be proof that you really know them. Also include all document that will support their invitation to you. example ID with their address to verify accomodation and bank details as well.

TIP#4: If your first timer do not apply for multiple visa just let them decide if they will give you multiple or not.

TIP#5: in your cover letter, make it sure and short. Only include your intention and why they should trust you with their visa and as well information if you have sponsors.

Sample Visa Granted Document.


There you have it, yo are now ready to apply for Visa.

Enjoy tomodachi!

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