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Guide and Tips – Isla Verde, San Agapito Batangas

This will be a complete guide blog for your Isla Verde Travel Experience, all you have to know is here.

Have you heard that there is a paradise in the oceans of Batangas, an island near Puerto Galera and Palawan. The Island wasn’t given the name “VERDER” (Green) if its not something else. Lets all explore and discover San Agapito Isla Verde Batangas.

What we can see in this blog

  • Information of Isla Verde
  • How to get there
    • By Public transportation
    • By Private transportation
  • Where to Stay
    • Resorts
  • What to do
  • My Itinerary


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Information of Isla Verde

Isla Verde is one of the many islands of Batangas and is currently gaining popularity due to its remarkable coastline. The seashore has its crystal clear and cold water that is perfect for summer, though it may not have that white creamy fine sands but it has the beige color sand and a lot of pebbles and mini corals and shells wash in the shore.

Isla Verde is divided in 6 barangays but we will be focusing on the San Agapito since most of the resorts are residing in this area.

How to get there?

If taking the public transportation

  • from Buendia hop on to Jam Liner going to Batangas Grand Terminal – it is a 1 and 30 minutes bus ride that cost 185 pesos.
  • from Grand terminal ride on a jeep going to Bagong Palengke worth 14 pesos
  • Ask the driver to drop you where green line jeep going to Tabangao Port/Aplaya, this another jeep will cost you 17 pesos
  • From the Aplaya ask any boatmen for a boat traveling to either mahabang buhangin or on your booked resort, they will assist you on the boat. for public boat it is usually named ITALY and cost 100 pesos but for resort Surface Interval resort offer boat directly to the resort area will cost 150 pesos. boats are usually leaving at 9:00am until it is full, you will also have to pay 10 pesos for the small both that will take you to the large boat.
  • the boat transfer is aabout 1 and a half or 2 hour travel to you wanted destination

If taking the private transportation

  • You can bring your car to the Tabangao Port as there is a parking lot, though I’m not sure how much is it as I don’t have a car to park.
  • I also suggest to just commute.

Where to stay?

Isla verde is now being develop into a tourist destination and has a resorts that can accommodate a lot of visitors. You can choice from big resorts to transient house. I stayed in San Agapito where most of the resorts are located and since I did not go to Mahabang buhangin I’m not sure if there are accommodation in the place but I read that there are transient house providing shelters for those who want to stay in Mahabang Buhangin.

Surface Interval Resort

I stayed in Surface Interval Resort, it is a big resort that has rooms from tent rentals to family room. The resort also have store where you can buy food to cook and also ask for a meal to be cooked. They also provide charging station for those staying in the tent. The shared bathroom are clean and has water supply (of course the rooms has its own rest room). The staffs are really friendly and accommodating and they have 24 hour security. Beside the resort is a small sari sari store / carinderia (cooked food store) and they have a little space to dine in, I chose to ate there to avoid crowds :).

Other Resorts that I did not checked:

Sawang Dive Camp

This is beside surface interval, according to my friend this resort is so cozy, and the service is really great, the staffs are friendly. As a bonus you can enter their other property on the other corner of the beach where it is really IG worthy.

Tropical Friendly Resort

This is located in the Sitio Sampalucan and that’s all I know. Visit their FB page to learn more.

Engracio’s Beach Resort

This is located in the Sitio Sampalucan

What to do in Isla Verde?

  • Swimming – The island has a super clear water and if there is a clean sea the best way to enjoy is to dive in the water. This is the main activity of the island to expose yourself to the beauty of the sea.
  • Snorkeling – The Island is near Puerto Galera and Palawan so expect a colorful marine animals
  • Island Hopping – Since Isla Verde has 6 Barangays that has different beaches Island hopping is another main thing to do. The boat cost around 2500 good for 10 people. You can arrange this tour in your chosen resort or ask some of the boatmen.
  • Relaxing and watching the sunset – Relaxing in your cabana while watching the sun set is always an amazing experience while having your cold drinks and food. You can surely experience a breath taking sunset her in isla verde.
  • Bonding with family, friend or love on
  • Some alone time is also the best here in Isla Verde.

Places to Visit

Since I did not visit every other places in Isla Verde, I just list down places I read from other blog site (thepoortraveller).

  • Mahabang Buhangin Beach
  • Abandoned Verde Island Resort
  • San Antonio Beach
  • Sawang Dive
  • Maliit na Nalayag
  • Kuweba (Cave and Lighthouse)

You can also check out that blog for boat contact.


Going alone is also advisable for isla verde specially if your booked to Surface Interval Resort as they have their own boat that carry passengers from Aplaya to the resort and vice versa.

  1. Have a group will save you a lot of money specially if you are taking the activities such as Island Hopping, Banana Boat and ETC.
  2. Always have your water ready as the island is so hot
  3. Bring a Cap, sunblock and umbrella to protect you from the sun
  4. Bringing food to cook is also advisable as it can save you from spending a lot.
  5. Make sure to be on time as the boat from the aplaya leaves when the boat is full even if its earlier the schedule.
  6. If your planning for just day tour you need to rent a private boat going back to the Aplaya.
  7. There is a network signal but not really strong

My Itinerary

Day 1:

  1. [4:00 AM] Manila to Batangas Grand Terminal
  2. [5:30 AM] Batangas Grand Terminal to Bagong Palengke
  3. [6:00 AM] Bagong Palengke to Tabangao Aplaya
  4. [6:30 AM] Tabangao Aplaya, Boarding to Surface Interval Boat
  5. [8:30 AM] Tabangao Aplaya to Surface Interval Resort
  6. [10:30 AM] Arrive at Surface Interval Resort
  7. I have all the time of my life since I did not check other beaches but if you want to do island hopping you can do it in the after none

Day 2

  1. [11:00 AM] Surface Interval Resort to Tabangao Aplaya
  2. Then repeat the steps.

Estimated Damage / Cost

Bus : 185 Pesos / times 2 for round trip

  1. First Jeep: 14 pesos / times 2 for round trip
  2. Second Jeep: 17 pesos / times 2 for round trip
  3. Small boat: 10 pesos / time 2 round trip
  4. Surface Interval Boat to resort: 150 pesos
  5. Surface Interval Boat to Aplaya: 200 pesos
  6. Accommodation: in my case (TENT): 300 Pesos
  7. Food worth of 400 pesos for 2 days

Total: 1500 Pesos for my whole stay in Isla Verde.

So what are you waiting for say yes to Isla Verde!

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thank you

4 thoughts on “Guide and Tips – Isla Verde, San Agapito Batangas”

  1. Hi may I ask, if what boat have you ridden on your way back to tabangao coz as I can see here it’s left the island at 11am but there’s a blog that I’ve read that says it leaves the island at 4am the next day? Please enlighten me… Thank you so much

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi June, I rode the Surface Interval Service Boat at Barangay San Agapito, they have 11am schedule but to make sure that there is a schedule you can contact the resort. dont worry the boat is open even for non guest.


  2. Hi sis,ask ko sana if magkano yung ranging ng cooked food na inooffer nila dun? prob kasi nmin yung sa kanin pero magdadala naman kami ng bigas at pano pag iinitin ung ulam na dala ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pwede kasing magpaluto dun eh pero ung lutong ulam at kain example adobo and rice mga 70 to 100 ung cornbeef rice and egg mga 80.. bali ung alam ko lang is ung sa surface interval resort. meron nan silang lutuan dun na pwede nyong hiramin at grills sa pag kaka alam ko.. if my additional questions kayo like kung may bayad ung gamit ask nyo nalang sa fb page nila.. alam ko meron eh..


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