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Tips & Guide: Visa application in South Korea for Filipinos

South Korea has been one of top destination in Asia nowadays and this is because of the shinning popularity of Kpop!

Here is a guide to help you with your Application of visa.

Last July 2018, South Korea Embassy decided to change their approach on visa application and its via Agencies.

THERE IS ANOTHER UPDATE ON VISA PROCESSING FOR KOREA – Applicants are requested to submit your application 45 days or almost 3 months before your target date of departure. Below are the list of changrs

  • Last September 9, Express Visa for regular applicants are stopped.
  • ITR requirement of those whose only OECD travel is Japan is NO LONGER EXEMPT
  • Maximum of 13 days processing for regular visa application.
  • 120 applicants per agency are allowed to be submitted per day because of that your application my stay in the agency for 15 to 20 days due to the increase of applicants plus 13 days processing time.
  • Their multiple entry promo for BDO and BPI credit card holders is still ongoing.

List of affiliated agencies .


Note: Applicatiom form should completes witjout blank amswer.

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