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Tips & Guides: South Korea 2018

Who would not want to fly to South Korea? Who would not want to experience the Korean wave spreading around the world faster than lighting.

“No one, right?”

Here are quick guides and tips on how you can make your South Korea Tour budget friendly but still a lot of fun.

Watch our Vlog: Seoultastic Adventure

Guide #1: Cheap Flights

Check out cheap flight from airlines “AirAia“, “CebuPac” and “JejuAir“, Yes JejuAir is conducting Discounted AirFare for as low as 4000 Pesos round trip ticket from Manila to Incheon with less hassle of delays and cancelled flights.

My first fly with JejuAir is amazing as its never delayed and they offer cupcake and water bottle. The hand carry capacity is also larger than other airline, 10 kg per hand carry which is perfect for tourist traveling to SK. When we are about to go back to Manila we were also allowed to hand carry for less than 15 kg which is really cool though not sure if that will always happen so always follow the 10 kg hand carry rule.

Tipid tips #:1 Online check in or always follow the size & Weight standard

If ever your hand carry is overweight for about 1.5 kg, try to still push it for hand carry but always make sure you bring an eco-bag or plastic just in case you need to make it 10 kg. Eco bags or shopping bags are allowed. If you luggage is so heavy for about more than 12 kg, I suggest you check it in. Booking luggage online is cheaper that buying it in the airport.

Guide #2: Weather Alert

Always check the weather, it can be via Google or any online weather forecaster app. knowing the weather will help you identify those items you need to bring. for example, on winter you need to bring trench coat or a lot of jackets that sometimes require us to avail the additional weight for check in luggage ahead of time.

Tipid tips #2: Mix and Match

Ootd is somehow a must in South Korea so you have to learn in layering your clothes. Layering will help you in mix matching your Ootd. This will also lessen the weight of your luggage.

Guide #3: Guest what, Guesthouse

Booking hotels are really expensive, so if I were you book a guesthouse. There are a lot of amazing guesthouse in Seoul that are also instagram worthy and safe. Another thing about guesthouse is the common area where you have a chance to know your co-travellers and who knows your next travel buddy.

Another effective lodging is AirBnb. However, unlike guesthouse during checkout some Airbnb houses does not offer storing your luggage specially of your flight is in the evening.

Tipid tips #3: Location Wise

Choosing location is important why? Come on guys, it will help you lessen the hassle of traveling and it can be cost efficient. Guesthouse in the heart of the city is expensive for example Myeongdong is expensive. Cheap guesthouse are in the following, Shinchon, hongdae and itaewon. Also make sure the place is near metro and other stations.

Guide #4: Cards are forever.

South Korea’s transportation is known to be so efficient and easy. Check out this link as they have different cards for tourist. Metro Card. SK Value their tourist so much that they created Tourist Metro Cards that is really convinient for all of us. These cards can be use in train, bus, some taxi and even some stores.

Tipid tips #4: Busy bussy

Know the nearest bus station in your guesthouse as it is cheaper and will save your energy from walking. Train / Metro are really effective but you need to be patient and ready as some of the transfers require a lot of cardio or walking.

Guide #5: Street food galore

Everyone needs to taste and experie ce Szk’s delicious Street Food but be reminded that these food are sctually expensive, for exsmple 3000 KRW for 1 stick og bbq when you can have 1 complete meal in mcdo or small restaurant for 3500 KRW. I’m not saying do not buy these foods but just to remind, this tjnng happen to me, the BBQ is so delicious I ate 4 sticks making me to cash out 12k KRW which is more than 500 pesos πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Tipid tips #5: Sharing is loving

One thing you can do to taste all streetfood is to share it with your friends. Share the delicious food snd the expenses.

Guide #6: Klook and KKday

Maximize the use of Klook, KKday and other online ticket sellers as they offer discounts and promos. You can also book it same day or day before that will help you customize or alter your itinerary if ever you change your mind.

Tipid tips #6: Promo and coupon is life

Promos are ussually available in online ticket sellers that includes additional items or privilage like no need to queue, additional hours for renting and sometimes rides or van that will pick and drop you in your hotel.

Also korean tourisy center gives coupon thats has discount offee for stores like etude, nature repunlic and even hanbok rentals.

Guide #7: Gapyeon Getaway

One of the must do is visiting Gapyeon where the famous Nami Island and Petite France can be found. If you go here make sure to plan you time schedule per attraction. Example 2 hours for Nami, 1 hour for Petite F. And so on. Also take note the schedule of the bus arrival per station and plan to queue for like 15 minutes advance to avoid long queue or waiting for another 1 hour for the next bus. Also make sure to keep the tourist bus ticket as it is already good for 1 day pass.

Tipid tips #7: Vendo Saver

If you don’t like bringing your own water we duggest you buying drinks in the vendo on metro trains. It is a lot cheaper than in convinient store. Going to gapyeon, ststions offer coffee which also alot cheaper than coffee shops.

Guide #8: Theme Park Escapade

Famous theme park in SK are the Lotte World and Everland. Lotte world in an indoor themepark located in that was used in the Kdrama Stairway to Heaven. Everland is outside Seoul for about 2 jours travel time. We suggest you to go early as one day is not enough to experience Everland completely.

Tipid tips #7: Lotte SuperMarket

Buying treats or pasalubong are highly recommended to be done in Lotte SM because there are a lot of promo, like buy 1 take 1 or discounts. There is also a free psckaging area for your goods.

Guide #8: Kdrama Hwaiting!

To all kdrama fanatics, make sure to plan your adventure. Write down/printout address of the location both in English and Korean. Streets are s nit confusing in SK. Having a copy of address in Korean makes it easier to locals to guide you.

Tipid tips #8: Wakathon

Walking in the street of SK is sure to be fun, why? Because thing will remind you of a scene in your favorite kdrama not to mention its free!!

Guide #9: Party all night!

South Korea has places that never sleep due to clubs and bars. Koreans sure love partying, from small bars to big undergroumd bars, name it, SK has all of that. Place to go partying are Hongdae / Hongik University, Insadong and Itaewon.

Tipid tips #9: Entertainment

You want to experience idol performances but can’t go to music shows and concert? Try SK’s street performances in Hongdae, students are showing tjeir talents in dancing, singing and even skills in musical instrument. The shopping street in hongdae where design to have spaces for street performances.

Guide #10: Be friendly!

Koreans might look serious and snobby but not all of them are, some koreans are actually sweet and friendly. I personally experience it when a group of ajussi and ajuma notice me and invited me for a drink, all expense paid, this is even they find it hard to understand and talk to me. Another experience I had was in the park where random Koreans shows interest to strike conversation. So always smile and be friendly

Tipid tips #10: Visit Parks and other free tourist spots

There are a lot of free tourist spot in SK, from parks, monuments, shopping mall, bridges and even stream are instagram worthy. Cheonggyechong Stream, Bokchon Village, Insadong shopping streat, Ehwa Unibersity and Dongdaemun plaza are some of the free places

I hope my Guides and Tips help you guys in your visit to Korea.

You can comment if you have questions.

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