Magalawa White Beach – Paradise in Masinloc Zambales

Magalawa White Beach – Paradise in Masinloc Zambales

You know Anawangin, you probably visit Capones and explore Talisayen, you must have stayed in Crystal Beach. You might think that you already visited most of Zambales but let me tell you something, YOU ARE WRONG! there are lot of white beaches in Zambales. It’s just that some of it, are beaches less traveled. Let me introduce you to one of those hidden pearls of Zambales.

Magalawa Island is a white sand beach in Masinloc Zambales. the island is surrounded by white sand, clear water and mangroves. The island also have a barrio / community where you can actually buy foods and other necessities. below are my other observations

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Island Observations

  • Magalawa has two resort that make sure the island is clean and protected.
  • Other side of the island are full of Mangroves and is kinda isolated.
  • If you walk and passed through two resorts you will see fishermen and a lot of boats – so its not good for swimming.
  • The sand is creamy white but it is not as fine as Boracay and Calaguas and has small crabs.
  • Water is really clean and clear and when the sun up it has emerald to turquoise color perfect for IG #noFilter.
  • It has a lot of Star fish and other kind of fish and I even saw a blow fish while swimming.
  • The shore is perfect for swimming though there are sea grass nearby where most of the starfish can be seen.
  • Staffs are friendly and helpful specially to the restaurant staff.
  • Since the island has resorts, there is entrance fee that cost 300 Pesos.
  • Restrooms and shower room is not fancy but clean has water.
  • The place is perfect for relaxing and to those who just want to hang out with friends have drink and enjoy the beach.
  • Bonfire are not allowed in the island
  • You can buy fresh fishes in the morning, fishermen are selling it to the visitors and grill it for lunch time.
  • You can also visit the island’s barrio where you can buy things and medicine.

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How to get there via Bus


  1. From Manila, take a bus from Cubao or Caloocan (Monumento).
    1. Victory liner offers 410 pesos from manila directly to Masinloc Mall
    2. if your location does not have direct route to MAsinloc, you can go to the capital of Zambales, it is 1 hour away from Masinloc.
  2. On Masinloc Mall, take a tricycle going to Masinloc Market, it is 10 pesos per head or 20 pesos if special.
  3. Go to the back of the market and ask the boat man if there is a boat going to Magalawa Island. Boat cost 1000 pesos for 4 person but some offers 200 pesos per head.


No need to worry as Magalawa can offer variety of accommodation. from Tent to air-conditioned rooms good for big familiy.

  • Tent for 2  : 300 Pesos
  • Big Tent     : 500 Pesos
  • Blue Cottage: 500 pesos but this is not recommended for overnight stay
  • Blue nimpas: 1000 pesos – just Fan and no rest room

There are also big house with Air-con and private rest room but I did not ask for the price as I don’t really recommend staying for that kind of rooms since its a beach.

Other Amenities & Facilities

  • Shared Rest Room and Shower Room – Good thing here is that water is not a problem.
  • Restaurant (Karinderia)
  • Floating Restaurant
  • Network signal is fantastic
  • Fishermen sells fishes every morning that you can grill for your lunch.
  • Barrio is accessible where you can buy things you need from frozen pork to fishes, from vegetables to condiments and even medicine.

Life is a never ending discoveries so do not limit yourself to the things that you know, lets explore together and live our life the EXTRAORDINARY WAY!!!

The next time you visit Zambales make sure to check out its other hidden white beaches, like Magalawa and Potipot. I will be posting other beaches in Zambales soon so stay tune.


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