CDO & Camiguin – 2 Days 2 Night Adventure for 5352 Pesos

Cagayan De Oro & Camiguin – 2 Days 2 Night Adventure for 5352 Pesos

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Are you like me who is always out of vacation leave? travelling and doing adventure during weekends? do you want to explore beaches, cities and have extreme activity for 2 days and have limited budget? Do you want to explore Mindanao on a weekend with only 5000 pesos plus 600 pesos airfare? Well you definitely check out my itinerary and tips below.

I usually travel during weekends to avoid spending too much vacation leave, so luckily there are places here in Philippines that are close to each other with majestic scenery and extreme adventure. So I open my laptop did a research, check for promo air fare, plan my travel, fix my bag and save a little confidence as I go solo for CDO and Camiguin Tour.

Where to book a flight?    download

Official Itinerary & Receipt



There are airlines here in Philippines that offer promo fare or what we call “Piso fare”. So make sure to make an account to Cebu Pacific and AirAsia to be updated to their latest airfare sale!

I booked my CDO flight in Cebu Pacific Piso Fare for only 553.28 Pesos round trip! you read it right! its only 553.28 pesos. actually booking promo for solo travel is much easier that booking with friends or for a group because usually those 1 seat left fare are not being avail since most of the Filipinos travel in groups, so being a solo traveler is an advantage.

Plan your travel  


Traveling during weekend is kinda short, so you have to plan carefully what things you wanted to do, things that are your priority because for a short period of time these things are the only things you can do! What I always do is I check out Travel Blogs (like mine), ask people who already went to place, check out travel groups and DIY, then I compile or I put all information together to come up with my own itinerary. I also check out cost/budget then I put a little allowance to make sure I don’t have just enough but I have emergency fund.


Where to Stay


Since I did this travel on a weekend I spent my first night traveling to Camiguin, so I take naps on the night bus, the Benoni port and while in the RoRo. my second day I looked for a hostel or may a motel around Agora Market, the motels are ranging from 100 pesos to 300 pesos for one night. I choose Labasan Hostel because it’s cheap though the room is small. I only have a bed and a fan. the bathroom is for sharing. so if you are a solo budgetarian traveler then motels are for you.

My 2 days 2 nights Itinerary


Day 0 – Flight Schedule (Night) – my departure schedule were supposed to be 8:00PM it got delayed to 10:00PM.

10:00 PM – Depature to Manila (NAIA3) is 8:00PM, Friday

11:35 PM – Arrival to Laguindingan Internation Airport at 9:00PM, Friday

12:00 AM – From the airport I rode a van to Agora Market, it 200 peso van ride that can drop you to any landmarks in CDO. I decided to go to Agora Market because Macabalan Port is already closed and last ship departure is 5:00PM, so I choose Agora Market to have a night bus going to Balingoan bus terminal (it is terminal near the port that travels from CDO to Camiguin).

12:30 AM – I arrived at Agora Market eat a late dinner at a Halal Food Store (Karinderya), by the way Halal is a food by Muslim. bought my ticket in the terminal inside Agora Market, bus ride is 90 pesos to Balingoan Bus Terminal.

1:30 AM – Departure from Agora Market to Balingoan Terminal. the bus is a ordinary bus and usually being consumed by locals who are working in CDO. I got scare because its an old bus and the road is so dark but the people there are nice, they make sure I will be dropping on the destination.

3:30 AM – arrival at Balingoan Terminal, it is a 2 hour trip and is stopping in front of Terminal, so you don’t have to worry. Then you need to walk to the Port that will transfer you to Camiguin. (TIP: the port is really near so I suggest you to walk specially you have a lot of time since the port opens at 5:00 AM, there will be tricycle drivers that will offer you to ride but make sure you insist that you will walk. you can ask someone from the bus terminal the right direction to the port.) but if I remember it correctly, you have to go to the main street/highway out side the terminal and turn right then turn left from the first street.

4:30 AM – Ticket Selling for the first trip to Camiguin via Super Shuttle Ferry, you will be paying three fees, first is the ticket worth 170 pesos, then Terminal Fee worth 15 pesos then 3 pesos for departure area entrance fee.

5:30 AM – Departure from Balingoan Port to Benoni Port (Camiguin). the ferry took 30 minutes to reach Camiguin. the scenery is really nice as the sun rise show up while you are in the sea!

6:00 AM – Arrival at the beautiful island of Camiguin

Day 1 – Camiguin Island Tour

6:30 AM – I finished breakfast at the first Karinderya I saw outside the Benoni Port. then I go back to the  port to check out Tricycle, or van tour but then I decided to get a habal habal tour (motorcycle). it cost me 1000 pesos whole day tour including tour guide/driver but if you know how to drive a motor, you can rent for only 600 pesos whole day.

6:30 to 8:00 AM – Mantique White Island, this is an island with white sand and lot of trees, it also good for snorkling. boat ride is 500 pesos but if your travelling with a group you can have it divided into 4 as the boat can carr 4 people. 100 pesos for snorkeling gear.

8:00 AM to 10:00AM – White Island Sand Bar, boat ride is 500 pesos again but this time I join a group of 3 girls so I only shell out 125 pesos. I did not rent snorkeling gear as I’m there for the sand bar 🙂 I stayed for 2 hours even if I’m expose to direct sun light though there are free cottages in the sandbar for free but again I’m there for the sandbar not the cottage. the sandbar is really amazing, its white sand is as fine as Boracay, the water is as emerald as the Coron.

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM – Katibawasan Falls, for 30 pesos you can relax to its cold water after you sun bathe in the sandbar. its a small falls with a already develop spring.

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM – Lunch at the Check out Restaurant, this restaurant is featured as one of the best in Camiguin. the food is great and the price is acceptable. it cost me 250 for 2 meals (I ask my driver to join me 🙂 ).

12:00 PM to 1:00 PM – Tuasan Falls, this is another cold spring that I need after I ate a lot 😀

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM – Sunken Cementery, this is a under water cemetery in Camiguin. it has its landmark of a big cross that is surrounded by coffins. the original cross is already underneath the ocean that you can still visit during high tide. I did not do that since I went there during low tides and the cross is visible in the boat.

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM –  Binangawan falls and Sto. Nino Cold Spring. I did not stay longer in this area since Its just the same cold spring.

3:00 PM to 4:00 PM – a fast road trip in the island just below the mt. hibok hibok (a active volcano). this time I just sat on the motorcycle and just enjoy the wind kissing my face and viewing the beautiful scenery of Camiguin.

4:00 PM I already arrived back to the Benoni Port and purchase my ticket going back to CDO.

5:00 PM – Departure from Camiguin to Balingoan Port.

Then I just repeat the process, I took a bus ride to Agora Market, have dinner in Jollibee then look for a hostel.

8:00 PM – I was in Agora Market, looking for a hostel, I check in LABASAN Hostel for only 150 pesos a night with a bed, share CR and a fan. I dont need fancy hotel since I just need a clean place for sleeping. After checking in, I just walk around the area and check out things to buy in the market (for pasalubong).

10:00 PM I go back to hostel to sleep 🙂

Day 2 – Cagayan De Oro, My CDO tour focuses on the WHITE RIVER RAFTING!

8:00 AM – Breakfast then take a bath.

9:00 AM – I checked out and walk around Carmen CDO to see the churches.

10:00 AM – I decided to go to the Kagay Office to avail the White River Rafting Activity. it cost me 60 pesos going to the office as I took taxi. (i got lost) then I paid 1000 pesos for “Middle Level Rafting”. its actually my first time but I insisted that I wanted a longer rafting experience.

11:00 AM – I got my lunch in the karenderya near the Kagay Office.

12:00 PM – Departure from Kagay office to the Rafting site.

1:00 PM to 5:00 PM – White Rafting Activity, this is really fun and really exciting and tiring at the same time. my whole experience is like i’m controlling my own roller coaster. I sat in front of the rafting boat beside a foreigner. he is a big foreigner and his one paddle is equivalent to 2 paddles for me. taking that aside I enjoy the activity and I was able to meet other people and gain friends.

6:00 PM – back to Kagay Office, you can avail a soft copy of pictures and videos of your rafting experience for 1000 pesos but since I have my gopro on my wrist during the activity I did not avail the photos.

7:00 PM – When I decided to go to the Landingan Int. Airport have a dinner and wait for my boarding time. Going back to the airport is just the same, you can avail a van transfer for 200 pesos at Agora Market.

10:00 PM is my Departure time gping back to Manial 🙂

My Budget / Expenses


  •  RT – Airfare (Cebu Pac Piso Fare)          = 553.24 Pesos
  • RT Van Transfer to Landingan Airport = 400 Pesos
  • Halal Dinner                                               = 100 Pesos
  • Bus to Balingoan Terminal                      = 90 Pesos
  • Transfer to Benoni Port’s ticket              = 170 Pesos
  • Terminal Fee                                               = 15 Pesos
  • Depature Entrace Fee                               = 3 Pesos
  • Breakfast in Camiguin                              = 50 Pesos
  • Habal Habal Whole Day Tour                 = 1000 Pesos
  • Mantiques Island Boat and Gears          = 600 Pesos
  • Katibawasan Falls                                     = 30 Pesos
  • White Island Sandbard Boat                  = 600 for 4 = 125 each.
  • Lunch at checkout restaurant                = 250 Pesos
  • Sunken Cemetery boat transfer             = 50 Pesos
  • Sto. Nino Cold Spring                               = 30 Pesos
  • Departure from Camiguin to CDO        = 185 Pesos
  • Bus Transfer to Agora Market               =  150 Pesos
  • Dinner at Jollibee                                     = 200 Pesos
  • Labasan Hostel                                         = 150 Pesos
  • Breakfast                                                    = 50 Pesos
  • White Rafting                                            = 1000 Pesos
  • Lunch                                                          = 150 Pesos

TOTAL Budget = 5351.24 PESOS

TIPS in Weekend Solo Traveling


  1. Look for cheap / Promo flight. it might make you wait for half a year or a year before your flight date but its cheap and worth a wait.
  2. If your solo, look for a hostel, guesthouse or a dorm type room. Again, its cheaper and since you will only use the room for sleeping, changing clothes and taking a bath.
  3. Make sure you have a lock to secure your bags
  4. Do not bring a lot of unnecessary things, remember your traveling solo and big luggage can ruin the moment specially if your doing a lot of transfer.
  5.  Research the place, check the weather, rules and dos and don’ts.
  6. Make sure you have enough cash and an emergency cash, withdrawing to unfamiliar place is kinda risky.
  7. Be friendly and Respect the locals, your in their place so act accordingly 😛
  8. Make sure you have enough battery, power bank when your going out. you never know when you will run out of camera or phone battery.
  9. bring light clothes for tropical places.
  10. Research for the possible way of transportation in the place.
  11. Don’t be shy to ask.

All of the things I listed in this blog are the things I personally do and experience, it is not sponsored and I was able to really achieve a weekend travel with small budget for a Mindanao Trip. So what are you waiting for, booked now, explore and LIVE YOUR LIFE THE XTRAORDINAREI WAY!

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