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Tips & Guide: Japan Visa Application for Filipino Tourist

Have you ever imagine going to anime inspired places? see temples you only see in Manga? Encounter high tech items? or you want to see live action anime students like the one in Kimi no Na wa? if you want it, then you definitely need to visit Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun, wants to show you its rays of light and the flashes of its colorful cities and tradition. so how can we go here? for Filipinos visa is needed for us to take step in this land so let me show you how to apply visa. 🙂

First thing to consider

You have to consider what type of visa you are applying, as you know there are a lot of different visa. For example, Tourist Visa, Medical Visa, Working Visa and etc.

For this blog we will focus on applying Tourist Visa but if you want to check types of visa check out this link: Visa/Consular Services

Requirements Needed for Tourist Visa:

Make sure to get all the requirements and additional evidences.

  1.  NSO Birth Ceriticate– I ordered mine online to avoid hassle in queuing. It was delivered to me for just 3 days. Please note that the birth certificate should be issues by any of the main PSA Office, should be readable. Check out link below for Online NSO Request
  2. Passport picture– well most of the photo shop knows what size is required for Japan Visa
  3. A duly accomplished Application form you can download it here. Make sure to answer all questions and put N/A if not applicable.
  4. Daily Itinerary – you can download a sample and the template here. I did not put a lot of details in my itinerary if you want you can check my own itinerary here. what I include are the main landmarks that I visited and I consider my daily budget on the places that I included.
  5. Marriage Certificate if you are married.

6.A If your shouldering all your expenses.

  1. Bank Certificate – Validity of Bank Certificate is three (3) month from the date of issue. I’m not sure if they are actually checking the amount or the money coming in to the account but to make sure I save for about 50k above. But based from my other friends as long as your money can cover the length and the cost of your daily itinerary it will be fine. For ex. 4 days with 6k budget per day.
  2. Applicant’s Income Tax Return (Form 2316) clear Photocopy (latest)

6.B If your invited by someone in Japan / anyone in the Philippines will cover all or a part of your expenses.

  1. Guarantee Letter – this is formal letter that the guarantor is inviting you to Japan and will shoulder your expenses.
  2. Proof of Relationship this can be by form of birth certificate or any document that will show your relationship. when I was in the agency I heard they are even asking of photo that you are with the guarantor.
  3. Guarantor Bank Certificate &  Income Tax Return – it must be clear photocopy

you might want to check out the official requirement site of Japan Embassy. Link

Here are the link where you can download official and sample documents and other stuff.

Where to Apply Visa

Here in the Philippines it is advisable to go to the affiliated travel agency of the Embassy of Japan. They will be responsible for submitting your application. before you go to the agencies, make sure your requirements listed above is completed or else the agency will require you to comeback with the complete requirements.

click this link for the list of travel agencies, I went to Reli and Tours in Dusit Thani and it cost me 900 pesos.  Affiliated Travel Agencies

TIPS on Visa Application

  • Go to the agencies with complete requirements to avoid hassle.
  • Save money to reach your daily budget on your itinerary
  • Make sure there is available two pages in your passport
  • Passport should be valid 6 months and above.
  • On your daily itinerary, make sure to be realistic and as much as possible be on one location to avoid expenses. Message me on my Facebook page for more details. 😉

Japan grants 15 days Visa to Filipino tourist and they are not disclosing any details if visa is rejected. on my experience, I got my visa 4 days after  I submitted my requirements to Reli & Tours Travel Agency.

It’s really easy to apply Japan visa, so what are you waiting for? It’s your time to experience Japanese Culture and their XTRAORDINAREI Life.

Check out this album to see my Photo Gallery for Japan:  Japan Adventure Gallery

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Make sure to watch my Japan Vlogs too 🙂 


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