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Things to do in Siargao – the hidden gem of the south

Are you looking for a place where you can have the taste of Boracay, Palawan and La Union? Partying all night, Water adventure all day and an unlimited waves for surfing. Siargao is definitely the ultimate island that can offer all.

Siargao is located on the southern part of the Philippines facing the pacific thats why it has huge waves every day from January to December. This tear eye shaped island will surely blow you away from the busy and noisy cities. Let me show you the list of things you can do in Siargao.

1. Island Hopping tour – this includes three islands which are Daku, Guyam and Naked. The three island can be found near General Luna and have distinct characteristic from each other. You can rent a boat to do this activity and it will cost you 1300 pesos for the boat, if you want to arrange a tour I
will share our contact below.

  • Daku (visayan word for Malaki or Big) is the largest island where actually community is residing. You can taste fresh buko choice, play with their island mascot the pigs or even ask the locals to cook a food for you, of course it comes with a prize.

  • Gayum (Visayan word for Maliit or small) is a small island with rock formation and coconut trees. You will be enchanted on how the water is emerald green and how alive the island with different kind of crustaceans.
    you will have to pay 10 pesos environmental fee to enter this island.

  • Naked Island is literally naked, no trees, no rocks and no living creatures instead of marine life of course. This island looks like a sandbar with white sand and white pebbles, just make sure you put on sun block as you will be expose to direct sunlight.

    2. Sohoton Tour includes Sugba Lagoon and Magpupungko Rock formation. The tour will cost you 1500 pesos per head, you can check the contact below the article.

    • Sugba lagoon is located in del carmen and you will have to pass Mangrove Forest where the salt water alligators resides but don’t worry they do not attack people. It is a 15 minute to 30 minutes boat right to the deck where you will have your lunch prepared by the tour. you can do different water activities here like board paddling, kayak, snorkling and the famous board jumping.

    • Magpupungko rock formation from its name meaning “patong patong” or a layer of rocks that formed a natural pool. The water is crystal clear and cold. in the pool you can see and will be amazed in the huge waves in the pacific.

      3. Bucas Grande Tour – sadly we are not able to do this activity because we don’t have enough time in Siargao but based from the local bucas grande is the most beautiful tour in Siargao where you can experience magical caves with bioluminious plankton, stars just below your feet. Merge with stingless jellyfish, sadly it is not allowed to swim with them anymore to protect the wild creature. enjoy lagoons and lakes and just relax while traveling by water. This tour is a one day tour as it can be found on the sourthern part of Siargao. a must see!!

      4. Rent your own motorbike and explore the island by yourself, try getting lost and make your own tourist spot. according to other traveler that did this, you will be amaze as every bridges, every sea shores and every cave is a treasure.

      5.Have an Italian dinner in Kermit’s resort, have a taste of their famous italian pizza with toppings of your choice cooked in a stone oven and fall in love with their choco lava served with ice cream though I’m not a fan of their pasta I still prefer saucy and creamy spaghetti. 😛

      A must try choco lava
      Italian pizza created in the Island of the Philippines

      6. Be refreshed by fresh fruit shakes or smoothies in Loka Cafe.all of their shakes are fresh from fruits and will surely make you relax after tiring tour.

      7. Make sure to visit every party in every bars. don’t worry as bars and party place in Siargao has their own schedule per day so if you’re going to stay for 7 days you will be able to visit all partys and bars 😉

      Ram Bar’s Panini store
      Ram Bar’s main bar
      Harana’s inhouse cocktail
      Harana Bar in General Luna. Place where jericho give tips to erich jn siargai movie

      8. Go to the cloud 9 and wonder in the seashore. it is a good place to think, reflect and clear your mind from problems or any issues you have in the metro. The place has it’s wooden
      cottage build in the shore where you can see and hear large waves that will surely put you in to sentimental mode.

      9. Surfing. You cannot leave Siargao without surfing as it is the surfing capital of the Philippines. If you think it is just for  surfers and swimmers then worry no more, these bigs waves are welcoming beginners who wanted to learn or even just to experience surfing. You can rent surfing board for 400 or 500 with instructor. You will have 30 minutes lecture of the basics and 1 hour for a fun and exciting adventure with the waves.  I’ll put our contact for instructor. They are the best! 

      10. Try the Pinoy Massage is General Luna. This massage offer any kind of massage from sweden to our local massage Hilot. I tried hilot and it is amazing for only 300 pesos and the fact the a grandmother is doing the service, you know its with love. 

      11. Merge with the locals. This what I also love about Siargao, its the local who is full of smile. A very welcome island who still embracing local traditions and culture. All of them will greet you with a smile and you will feel like everyone is your friend. They are approachable and very warm. 

      Siargao is not yet develop up to this moment, thats why we travelers, bloggers and vloggers encourage everyone to leave no trace just memories. Lets all help in preserving the island’s forever. 


      • Surfing instructor is Jose Kuwago: 09084700682
      • All tours from Kuya Bebot: check his facebook page: kuya bebot

      If you want to see our itenerary and other stuff, visit my page at

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      Watch my vlog in this link: Siargao Travel

        Thank you for reading. 

        Rei Tanabe

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