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Life is everyone’s first pet. You tame it, feed it, teach it and love it. Its up to you on how you train your life and how to handle every action you do for it. It is a pet that mirror every single action your doing. Like every other pet it is not perfect, it can scratch you, break things you like, ruin your place and hurt you. However, thats how you learn to love it and make every single time, worth it.

Love is a precious diamond, beautiful and sharp. Its beautiful as it can make your world revolve around it. As if its your sun that provide heat and light to your life. Its so beautiful that you can’t take it out of your sight and mind. Its also sharp, that sometimes it can hurt us even if we handle it with care and sometimes its beauty fades and we tend to replace it, not know that it only needs time cleaning to have the beauty back. It is a crazy thing that is really hard to manage.

Travel is knowledge waiting to be discover. You will never know it until you left your box. Its like a lot of missing pieces on a jigsaw puzzle, everytime you found a piece, a whole new image appear. Its a way of knowing how things go outside your comfort zone. Its a way of learning that things are not the same as you thought it is because once you travel you will learn to adjust on how things goes on other boxes. You will learn that the world have a lot to teach you and have a lot to show.

Live Love Travel – @xtraordinarei

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